This blog started the day I found out I was pregnant, my 40th birthday. Your Dad originally named the blog “Gomita” (that’s Spanish for “sticky one” because of previous miscarriage and our hope for success. The original blog ca be found here http://gromita.blogspot.com – the “r” was just a spelling mistake. )

Clearly we thought we were only having one–not TWO!

When you were turning five years old you asked to see pictures of my “big belly” when I was “pregging” you. (“Pregging” is the verb you created for someone person who is carrying a baby.) I tried to show you the video on the original blog site, but the videos no longer worked.

We decided to buy you this domain name Gomitas.us (along with arianavelasquez.com and danielavelasquez.com) as part of your presents for your 5th birthday. Of course, it will be a while until you understand these gifts.

You’ll notice a big gap in the early postings…I was a bit busy the first two years, but things got eventually got easier. Daneila and Ariana (DnA), this blog is for you (and for your ITA).

We love you both very much. We are very proud of both of you.

Love, mom and dad.

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