Twins! OMG!

8:00 AM: Nervously Anxious!

Well, today we go for the ultrasound at 1:00pm. Armando is working this morning but will meet me there. I don’t want to be alone and he is anxious to go too! He has taken the afternoon off and will also take the rest of the week off, since it’s Thanksgiving this week and he has time to use…

2:30 PM: Look! When I sweep over here, there is ANOTHER heart beat! That means you’re having TWINS!

While waiting for the ultrasound I know that both of us were nervous and anxious. We were supposed to have the ultrasound first–then the genetic counseling, but they were behind, so we had the genetic counseling first.

They were much more in-depth than last time, asking far more questions about my sibling’s kids. I had forgotten that Michael and Rebecca had been diagnosed with learning disability problems. Rebecca with some reading problem (unable to read aloud because she mixes up the vowels) and I am not really sure what is/was wrong with Michael. Anyway, they said, they didn’t think that was a risk or even a big deal at all.

We were told our chances (due to my age) were 1 in 46 to have a kid with genetic problems and 1 in 83 to have a kid with Down’s Syndrome. I think it’s actually a bit higher since I will be 41.5 years at the time of birth..but who knows really.

Next it was time for the ultrasound. I was very full of water. Armando made sure of that. This would be the first time that Armando would be with me for an ultrasound (he didn’t come last year). Of course, because of the previous miscarriage we were both very anxious to see an embryo and we both wanted to hear the heart beat. We needed some reassurance that everything was OK.

I was relieved and very excited when I saw the embryo…then I asked her about the heart beat. She changed the screen to a different screen so we could see and HEAR the heart beat. It was GREAT! She pointed out the beating heart so we could see. It was a tiny little flashing dot. I was SO HAPPY! Then she switched back to the regular mode and said to us…

Look, when I sweep over HERE, there is ANOTHER heart beat…that means, I think you are having TWINS! But I will need to take a closer look with the trans-vaginal ultrasound. I got up to empty my bladder which was bursting. Armando said, honey “We are having twins!”

I said…”Well, let’s just wait, it’s not for SURE yet”. I emptied my bladder as quick as I could becuase I wanted to get back up on the table to see about the twins. At this point, I couldn’t see the montior anymore…the technician had to adjust it for herself, the medical student and and the doctor that came in the room.

But Armando could see. Yep, there they are… TWO embryo’s…TWO beating hearts! You are having TWINS!!! I can’t describe just how excited I was. I was bursting…I wanted to shout “I’m having TWO babies! ” (using that kids “na, na, na na, na, na” sing-song voice!)

The doctor said, it appears as if they are going to be IDENTICAL twins! I said really? He told us that the embryo’s are very close together (but not touching) and that each had their own yolk sac. He said this is a good thing.

He then said it appears as if they are sharing the same placenta and there is only a very thin wall between them. With that positioning, it seems likely to be identical, but he can not say for sure. He went on to say that most twins (2/3) are fraternal twins, and only 1/3 are identical. I asked him exactly what he thought the percentage was? Do you think it’s 60-75% chance of being identical? He said, yes, but of course, they can’t know for sure. He then started to talk to us again about risks associated with twins.

The tech handed me the paper while the doctor was talking. She showed me that the babies were in “opposite” position with the one of them head down and the other head up. She handed us the ultrasound paper. (If I can figure out how to post photos, I will post a picture of the ultrasound).

I think Armando and I were pretty much in **SHOCK** from the moment she uttered the word “twins” until we got home. Of course, we were both very excited! We decided to celebrate and do out to dinner to the Italian Bistro. (Note: I had an Spanish Club meeting that I was running that night that I completely forgot about. Clearly I was in shock. I didn’t realize I had missed the meeting until weeks later.)

I know it will be more work, but I figure I (we) have nothing to compare it to, so all of it will just seem like “normal” to us. Anyway, I am sure Armando is going to help and he will be there for me and the babies.

P.S. I later learned the odds of having identical twins is 1 in 285. Having identical twins is random chance because it’s the chance an egg will divide and grow as two separate people.